The My Fame Experience Ep.1

Ep1 of The “MyFame” Celebrity Judged Talent Show In Memphis Tn. Show Producer; Willie Tomlinson also known as C.e.o Andikan, Presents a $10,000 Cash Prize For the 1st & 2nd Place Winners of this Show! “MyFame” Is a State to State Talent show that’s now Sweeping the Nation. 

Other Dancers Switched Up The Routine, But It’s All Part Of An Elaborate Surprise…

Chicago Bulls cheerleader, Ariana, showed up for this game like it was any other day. During the third quarter performance, Ariana seems to suddenly get lost in the middle of the dance. The rest of the girls start doing something else, and you can see the confusion all over her face. At SF Globe, we love a good surprise, and Ariana is in for the surprise of a lifetime!

Ice T On Why He’s Played Cops So Often Throughout His Career

Ice T sat down with VladTV and broke down exactly why he’s been offered roles as a cop throughout his acting career, saying that cops at an upper level are often as street as the criminals they’re going after, and it would be hard for a square actor to play those roles realistically.

He also feels grateful to play characters so different from himself because it gives him a chance to really act, as opposed to playing someone close to living the lifestyle he grew up in.
Hear Ice T’s explanation above.

Big Daddy Kane Talks Giving Jay Z His Big Break

The legendary Big Daddy Kane sat down with VladTV where he spoke on his relationship with Jay Z, saying the Brooklyn boy was introduced by mutual friend Jaz-O who asked Kane if Jay could spit on a track with him. Kane agreed and thought Jay was nice enough to take on the road, and while he was never Kane’s hypeman (as many believe), he would spit a few bars for about ten minutes while Kane changed back stage.

Kane says he and Jay still have a good relationship, with Hov bringing him out for Summer Jam and for the opening of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.