CHISINO-Short Movie (Trailer Teaser)

CHISINO is a homicide detective on the beat living amidst urban decay at its worst, infested with poverty, rampant crime, senseless gun violence and utter hopelessness. CHISINO brings its hero to the forefront against the backdrop of the Chicago skyline with raw and chilling content.

Daymond Green x Eminem in Beats by Dre Commercial

Daymond Green of the Golden State Warriors is featured in the latest Beats by Dre commercial titled Hear What You Want. The commercial is based on the many questions and thoughts that people had about Mr. Green’s season but he eventually walks off from the cameras in his face and puts his Beats by Dre headphones and drowns them out. In the background, you can hear a snippet of Eminem’s song “Phomomenal.” Check out the commercial below.

Wisdom: Why Steve Harvey Says Success Is Like Pulling a Wagon

Comedian Steve Harvey was once a college dropout who drifted from one dead-end job to the next. Today, at age 57, he’s an award-winning talk show host with a popular radio show and best-selling books.

In his new book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success, Steve shares a lesson he learned from the late Butch Lewis. “When you are a person who is success-minded, you have a wagon that you are pulling uphill,” he says. “You are totally responsible for your wagon. You are the only one on rope.”

Steve explains what kind of people to keep around to help with your wagon—and whom you should cut loose.