Meet the Team

Ernest “Stylistic” Fields

Ernest is the owner of Ernest Fields Enterprise, which houses Millionaire Grind Source. Millionaire Grind Source is a spin off of his clothing company, Millionaire Grind. Ernest was looking for a way to shed light onto those who are on their Millionaire Grind and that is where the idea for the site, Millionaire Grind Source, came about.

EF pic

Brandi “B.Sharee” Hearn

Brandi is the editor of Millionaire Grind Source. Brandi starting blogging in 2009 with her own website, ‘It’s A BST World.’ In 2014, when Ernest Fields was looking to create a website to spotlight those who were on their Millionaire Grind, he thought Brandi would be the perfect person to bring the idea to life.



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