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2 Chainz Checks Out Diamond Covered Shoes|Most Expensivest $#!T

GQ has teamed up with Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz to bring you Most Expenzsivest $#!T. In this particular episode, 2 Chainz visits celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills to get a glimpse of a few different pieces and check out a pair of $2 million diamond-studded Tom Ford slippers that are owned by Nick Cannon. Check out the episode below.


Great Debate: Nancy Grace Vs. 2 Chainz On Legalizing Marijuana

Nancy Grace attempts to attack 2 Chainz’s street credit stating that he went to college on a basketball scholarship and he graduated at the top of his class, but he held is own in this interview. He also brought up how arrests for having a small amount of pot could ruin a person’s life, and they would be prevented from buying a home. Grace actually said, “If you want to qualify for a home, then why don’t you just not smoke pot?!”